Monday, January 20, 2020

Personal Narrative- Growing Closer to God Essay -- Personal Perspectiv

Personal Narrative- Growing Closer to God My head spins as I fly down Capital Circle on my way back home from church. Church has always been the highlight of my week, but something was missing tonight. I just couldn't seem to focus on worshiping God. My usual words of praise were empty. My hectic life had become a distraction and kept me from focusing on God, who should be my main priority. The butterflies in my stomach feel more like a herd of elephants tearing through my body. I cry out, "Why God? Why am I so busy? Why can't things just slow down for a single night?" As I pull into my driveway the "elephants" continue and my stress level only escalates. An incredible urge to disappear overwhelms me. As I slump over my textbook and try to focus on studying, my gaze keeps shifting to my Bible. "Are you trying to tell me something God? Because I don't think you understand how much I have left to do tonight. My grade depends on studying for this test and I'm not ready for it at all." My arm creeps toward the Bible and snatches it up. It's as if the arm isn't my own; I can'...

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